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We’re proud to announce that we officially reached the goal of 100 employees in the team!
We are immensely proud of our ever-growing team, which brought in years of experience and expertise to grow Agile Lab. Their commitment and dedication drive our success, year after year.

To celebrate this achievement, we have fixed some milestones of our history:

  • 2013: we opened our first offices, in Turin and Milan
  • 2017 we started our growth, with a team of 17 people
  • 2018: we double the team in a year and with 30 employees, we opened our office in Bologna
  • 2019: we started to follow the Holacracy Methodology, with our team of 40 members, and opened a new office in Catania
  • 2020: we have introduced the Certification Coach to increase the technical skills of our team (50 members)
  • 2021: we have continued our growth (85 members) and we opened the office in Padova and Bari, introducing also the Smartworking Plus experience
    in Fuerteventura.
  • 2022: we have welcome the 100th member in the team, but we are always in search for new talents. If you want to be a part, take a look at our open position.
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