Make your data confess quickly with Druid and Neo4j databases – Tech & More – 28th October 2021 | 18,30CEST

On October 28th, we are back with a new Tech & More event: we will talk about Druid and Neo4j databases.

The event will host two talks:

  • the first will be held by Peter Marshall, Technology Evangelist from Imply, who will give the story of Apache Druid, including also a description of end-to-end architectures from OSS Druid users (such as Lyft and Netflix).
  • the second will see Lorenzo Graziano, Data Engineer at Agile Lab, talking about the Property Graph model used by Neo4j, the main features of the database and the query language Cypher, by testing them on a Neo4j sandbox.

You can’t miss the event! Send your RSVP as soon as possible to help us organize the event.

See you all on Thursday 28th October!

September 2021

What’s in store  |  September21



The Data Innovation Summit 2021 is just around the corner! 
Next 14th & 15th October we will be in Stockholm for the 6th edition of the most influential event about Data, AI and Advanced Analytics in the Nordics area.

During the first day, we are going to have a talk about “Scania’s evolution towards Data Mesh“, held by Alberto Firpo, Agile Lab CEO & Co-Founder, in partnership with Tomas Dersjö, Senior Manager of Scania.






We are proud to introduce witboost: the new, revolutionary data and metadata management ecosystem.

This modular, scalable, efficient platform is born from our direct experience in data-intensive and data-critical fields.
The single modules are building blocks that can work as standalone solutions to address a specific need, or they can be combined to create the perfect Data Management solution for each company.






We are proud to share that we have recently achieved both ISO 27001 for our Information Security Management and ISO 27701 for the Privacy Information Management System.




Join us, at our next free webinar, in partnership with Dremio, to know how data management is evolving and why your Data Lake is going to be replaced.

With Amit Manor, Dremio Head of Channel EMEA, and Paolo Platter, Agile Lab CTO, we will talk about how Data Mesh is becoming the rising star of data architectures and why is going to overcome Data Lake limitations from many perspectives.
Don’t miss it! Today it’s your last chance to join.




How are Italian banks evolving to face the advent of the digital economy? What is their level of digital transformation? What technologies are they adopting?

These are some topics discussed by Barbara Pavan, Head of Data Preparation & Automated Testing, Retail Digital Transformation at Intesa Sanpaolo and our CEO Alberto Firpo in the article published by Bitmat Edizioni.




During the summer some of us read Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans, a book that we have love because it improves your domain modeling skills and it is useful both for junior developers (that focuses on modelling classes and methods) to CTOs (modeling data mesh systems to run entire organizations).


July 2021


What’s in store – July 2021



An engaging chat between two great CTOs, Jon Cooke from Dataception and
our Paolo Platter, to discuss the journey to adopt the Data Mesh paradigm when a company comes from a Data Lake or a Data Warehouse landscape.




Cloudera 6.3 is supported until the end of March 2022 … are you ready to migrate on CDP?
Following you can find all the dates of the “Cloudera Support lifecycle ” and if you need further information and an experienced partner that can drive your migration, CONTACT US!



Tomorrow at 17:55 CET ( 8:55 PT ), Paolo Platter is going to be one of the speakers at Subsurface LIVE Summer 2021.
It’s online and it’s free. Don’t miss it!



After the interesting internal workshop “Designing Testable Software in Scala“, we have identified the best in-depth readings.
We propose you 2 titles that can become your “book under the sun”! 


Clean Code:
A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

by Robert C. Martin


Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

by Eric Evans



After 8 years of work, Scala 3 is finally out!
Take a look at all the new cool features like the new type system improvements and metaprogramming.
Learn more!


Google announces Dataplex: a system that enables organizations to centrally manage, monitor and govern their data across different sources, with consistent controls.
Read how!


La classe operaia va nel CDA – Persone & Conoscenze

From co-operatives to horizontal organisations, to make workers count (effectively).

How to involve employees in strategic business decisions and activities?

More and more companies are appreciating the benefits of transparency and employee involvement as an excellent strategy for boosting productivity. The magazine Persone & Conoscenze explores the topic with some testimonials including Paolo Platter, CTO @  Agile Lab, who tells how the company is living this evolution.