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Expanding our offer

The Agile Group was recently created with the aim to expand over time and offer our Clients an ever increasing number of services provided by different companies, each with a specific skillset, but all sharing the same values, the highest quality standards and the same desire to always exceed the Client’s expectations.

Bringing these companies under the same umbrella, but not under the same physical roof allows us to grow our ability to provide a wide range of solutions without the need to create a single, large, organisational structure, thus remaining truly Agile not only in name, but also in substance.

At present, alongside Agile Lab itself, the Agile Group comprises two other companies.

Aim2 is specialised in creating specific solutions for AI on the Edge with a dedicated focus on Computer Vision. Edge AI means that AI algorithms are processed locally on a hardware device, allowing for real time operations where timing to take decisions and actions matters, reducing costs for data communication, avoiding streaming and storing data or images in the cloud that makes a system vulnerable from a privacy perspective.

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