Apache Livy and Demystifying Typeclasses – Meetup Torino – 06/06/2019

In this Meet up we will have two talks, the first is the new Apache Livy and the second will concern Demystifying Typeclasses.

Speech 1 – The new Apache Livy – Marco Gaido (Big Data Engineer @ Agile Lab)

Apache Livy will take a big step forward in the next release: the main changes are support for Spark 2.4 and a new JDBC interface. But why do we need a JDBC interface in Livy? Isn’t Spark Thriftserver enough? In this speech we will answer these questions and immerse ourselves deeply in the way the new Thriftserver Livy was designed.

Speech 2 – Demystifying typeclasses – Andrea Fonti (Big Data Engineer @ Agile Lab)

In this talk we will discuss the concept of ad-hoc polymorphism and the “Type Class” pattern. We will start from a basic function able to sum two integers and construct an abstraction that will lead us to a polymorphic function able to aggregate an arbitrary number of values.

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