01net - Data, cloud, skills: what awaits us in 2023

In this article feature for 01net, three of our colleagues offer their perspectives on data management and what lies ahead in 2023.



01net-300x174Three of our top minds, Paolo Platter, CTO & Co-Founder of Agile Lab, Roberto Coluccio, Big Data Architect & Project Lead at Agile Lab, and Ugo Ciracì, Business Unit Lead at Agile Lab, offer their perspectives for 2023, in this article for 01net. Data management will see many changes next year, with some being widely expected, while others might surprise professionals.

Paolo Platter talks about the trend of "Data Productization" and the inherent value this approach can provide to businesses.

Roberto Coluccio discusses the need for "Technology Agnosticity" and migrations to the cloud and multi-cloud architectures.

Ugo Ciracì offered his perspective on which industries will face the most significant changes with a glimpse into the situation of the Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy/Utility, and Healthcare sectors.

Read the entire article here (in Italian)!


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