Deep Learning On The Edge and Server Based: Intro, Differences and Use Cases - Meetup Milano - 18/06/2018

In this Agile Lab Meetup, the speaker lineup was as follows:

• Luca Ruzzola, Data Scientist at Agile Lab.
He will introduce us in the Deep Learning world, with a focusing on differences in hardware, software, and models between Deep Learning on the edge and server based.

• Vincenzo Manzoni, Data Science Director at Tenaris.
He will describe an server-based application, implemented by Tenaris, which exploits a very accurate image classification algorithm in the field of manufacturing.

• Daniele Cleri, Senior Software Solutions Architect at AAEON Technology.
His presentation will regard the implementation of a new interactive and Intelligent Retail System for the cosmetic industry, enhanced by the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.

For those who did not attend our meetup:

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