Getting Started with Spark & Cassandra And using pySpark with Google Colab - Meet Up Milano - 19/06/2019

On Wednesday, June 19th, in Milan, another must-attend meetup is coming with two interesting talks:
Talk 1 - Getting Started with Spark & Cassandra - Bruno Guedes, Datastax - Technical Sales Engineer
How do we analyze big amount of data, whether it be massive batching or as it’s ingested via streaming ?
Enter Apache Spark. Get ready to rock with the most powerful distributed database and analytics platform on the planet!
Massively scalable, always on, and very fast. Apache Cassandra is the database chosen by Apple, Netflix, and 30 of the Fortune 100 to power their critical infrastructure.
Challenging MapReduce head on, Apache Spark offers powerful constructs that make it possible to slice and dice your data, as well as transformations with functional programming
backgrounds such as map, filter, and reduce.
Talk 2 - Getting started with pySpark in 5 minutes using Google Colab - Mario Cartia, Agile Lab - AI & Big Data Consultant/Evangelist/Trainer
Apache Spark is the Big Data opensource framework used by the world's leading companies for the implementation of advanced analytics. The talk will introduce the architecture, the modules and the main functionalities of the framework showing some practical examples in Python that do not require the installation of any software on your machine using the Colab tool made available by Google.
And at the end, cocktail and FREE Drinks for everyone offered by Agile Lab!

Coworking Tortona - via Tortona, 33 - Milano