Platform IoT: how insurance companies are innovating their services

Platform IoT is the project that won the latest edition of Digital360 Awards

Platform IoT was created to meet the challenge of extracting value from the huge quantity of data coming from vehicle on-board black boxes.

Agile Lab developed this project for the main Italian bank and insurance company. It is based it on Wasp (Wide Analytics Streaming Platform) a technology solution that allows for processing and management of Big Data, originating from any device capable of generating analytical outputs in near real time, while maintaining all post processing functions.
Thanks to the combination of Wasp and IoT Platform, our Client can now leverage all data registered by on-board black boxes to begin a deep innovation process of its offers. The end customer can now enjoy new services, such as instant insurance or micro insurance, and new pricing models, the likes of a daily pay-per-use and policies that consider driving behaviour, to name just two. All this new services better meet the demands of an ever evolving market and the new needs of its end customers.

The Italian on-line magazine Zerouno published an article (in Italian) with all project details that you can read here.