Using pySpark with Google Colab & Spark 3.0 preview - Meetup in Milan, 11th December 2019

Are you an Apache Spark user? Have you ever use pySpark leveraging the cloud service Google Colab?

If you want to discover more, don't miss our next meetup, held by our evangelist Mario Cartia, who will introduce the architecture, the modules and the main functionalities of the framework showing some practical examples in Python, that do not require the installation of any software on your machine, using the Colab tool made available by Google.
The talk will also introduce the new features available on the preview version of the upcoming Apache Spark 3.0

At the end, free drinks for everyone and time to discuss, socialize, gather proposals and suggestions for the next meetups.

See you on 11th December 2019, at 18,30, in Milan, at YoRoom Coworking & Office, via Pastrengo, 14.

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