CANP project closing event: “Solutions for e-health in the management of healthcare processes”

On 17 May 2021, the closing event of the CANP project was held, where the results achieved in the last three years of research and experimentation were presented.

This project comes from the idea of proposing solutions for e-health that can support the #accessibility and #interoperability of #healthcare information and services, the #decentralization of treatment, the rationalization of resources and the improvement of care pathways.

Agile Lab contributed to the success of the project, with its platform Wasp, used to implement the project data architecture, effectively managing the integration of Big Data components and Spark streaming processes.
We’ve also developed Collapse, a software for the automatic application of Topic Models to text collections. Through it, it was possible to extract #insights from the numerous hospital documents that contain information in natural language. 


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