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We are constantly growing, and fast.

As a matter of fact, we have been included in the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s 1.000 fastest-growing companies for the second year in a row.

So we are always looking for new talents, especially people who want to grow with us.

Check out our open positions below!

We strongly believe that it is people, not technology, what give us the real competitive advantage and that’s why we put maximum care and attention to create an engaging and exciting environment for our Team.

That is why we want Agile Lab to be the ideal environment where feeling part of a team, your work and you as a person matter. We invest a lot in the professional and personal growth of all people working with us, both in money and time, through guidance and mentorship, while giving each of them the flexibility of a fully implemented Self Management methodology.

We also believe in giving back what we receive. We want to expand and consolidate a strong group of highly skilled professionals and, above all, we want Agile Lab to be a good place to work and represent a concrete professional growth opportunity for everybody that works with us.


A great place to work and grow.

The question you are probably asking yourself though, is:
why should you consider Agile Lab as the place to build your career?
(starting from scratch or from a senior role)

We offer full time positions, competitive salaries and a solid bonus structure.
Most importantly, we are fully aware that our successes, our competitive advantage, come from people, not from technology.

If you want to be a part of our team, join us!

Take a look at the available job opportunities or just send us your CV.


Come work with us (without coming to the office).

We offer full time position in smart working (remote working) with competitive salaries, a professional growth path and a generous bonus structure.




Big Data Engineer I

Big Data Engineer II

Big Data Engineer III – Senior

Big Data Engineer IV – Senior



SRE Engineer I

SRE Engineer III

SRE Engineering lead

SRE Hadoop Admin Engineer I (Rome)

SRE Hadoop Admin Engineer II (Rome)

Application Maintenance Engineer


Software Engineer IV (Full Stack)

Cloud Engineer (Remote) - Eng 2


Marketing Manager (Remote)

Digital Marketing Manager (Remote)


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We believe in giving back what we receive, we want to expand and consolidate a strong group of skilled professionals and, above all, we want Agile Lab to be a good place to work and grow professionally and for this to be an opportunity given to everyone working with us.

To reach this goal we have introduced a revenue sharing and “work for equity” system based on several indicators, amongst which the company earnings, that every year are transparently communicated to the Team. Moreover, in Agile Lab we are strongly focused on performance and we have not missed a strong reward framework that gives value to each and every contribution given to our company by the individual.



Our organization is inspired by Self Management methodologies, that we have adapted to our purpose. We rely on specialized cells with specific scopes: Projects, Products development, R&D technology evolution, Open Source management, community building, design thinking.

The technology market is evolving fast and a dynamic and organized workforce is therefore a key element to build a productive and creative ecosystem in the company.



Our people give us the real competitive advantage and that’s why we put maximum effort  to create an engaging and exciting environment for our Team.

Each person will be able to work in the core of Big Companies driving challenging projects, but at the same time we are also very focused on the personal growth of the individual: each person can be involved in R&D projects, attend Top Technology Summits Worldwide , A.I. Masters, obtain technology certifications, explore new technologies. In Agile Lab everything is planned to constantly enhance personal knowledge and skills and promote growth.

Training is fundamental for us and Agile Lab offers the opportunity to get professional tech certifications, covering costs and providing support along the preparation phase.

The Certification Coach will help you to define feasible goals and to prepare for the exam.

In Agile Lab everything is planned to constantly enhance personal knowledge and skills and promote growth.