“Executive agility, flexibility and speed are the key-concepts we look for in a firm like Agile Lab. We look for companies that can guarantee concrete project efficiency and a deep knowledge of the latest technologies, allowing us to leverage technology as our competitive advantage and to speed up our digital evolution”

Maurizio Cortese
CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care


Innovative Services and Real-Time Big Data to increase business profitability and activate new revenue streams


In an ever more digital market, where users quickly and effortlessly switch between apps, web and social media, technology and speed are now major competitive advantages for businesses 

Agile Lab operates in this scenario, as a company focused on innovation and agile technologies, related in particular to the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 

Among its success stories, there is the collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care, which leverages technology to offer its clients a vast range of services, in the fields of health, mobility and home-related.


Client Context 

The “smart” company of the largest Italian bank group focuses on developing innovative solutions and alternative services as compared to traditional business practices. Their activities can be divided into three major areas: the firstmobility and telematics, provides clients with services based on the analysis of data collected by onboard devices in cars. Smart algorithms turn this data into services for crash after crash management and emergency situations that may require further assistance

The second area pertains to the health sphere, specifically in regards to the innovative “XME Salute” (Health in Italian) option, which allows users (for the first time in Italy) to access a multi-channel platform, via app, web and smartphone, and book medical appointments in the largest private health network. This feature offers discounts up to 30% and guarantees shorter waiting periods, booking appointments within ten business days from the request. This is an unprecedented initiative, as stated by the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care, Maurizio Cortese: “For the first time, the services we offer are not aimed only at our clients but also those who don’t have an account with our bank. The product and service benefits are available to all, through subscription to our xmesalute.com platform”.  

The third and last category, related to home services, covers home security, home automation and energy efficiency. In regards to this area, the option of introducing highly innovative services (i.e. based on vocal assistants and latest technologies) is now under strong consideration.


Due to the wide scope of services and the need to manage high volumes of collected data to tailor any offer to the specific client profile and consumer segment, the company realized they needed to have a proprietary platform with advanced tech features, set up to perform diverse and dynamic customer profiling. In regards to mobility, a fundamental requisite was the ability of the system to guarantee short processing times, to timely address any incoming requests for assistance from the hundred of thousands of devices installed on their clients’ cars.



Agile Lab created the platform “Orchestratore” for Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care. The platform is based on Agile Lab’s witboost Data Streams (formerly Wasp), a system that collects and processes in real-time all the incoming data from the vehicle onboard devices. Through the use of smart algorithms, it allows for complete customer profiling based on consumer behaviour data. The platform, based on the Open Source technology and available in AAS (as a service) was created to manage very high volumes of data (typical of a Big Data context), where real-time data processing plays a key role. This is also often the case in IoT, telematics and any context related to the predictive maintenance of plants and tools.  

“Considering the context – says Cortese – it should be noted that the project was implemented in a way that meets all requirements, both in terms of privacy and data protection – not only complying with GDPR rules, but also respecting the even more stringent internal corporate policies on data anonymization and data retention. In this regard we are best-in-class. 

The partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care and Agile Lab is based on an Open Innovation program, started in the past few years. “Executive agility, flexibility and speed – explains Cortese – are the key-concepts we look for in a firm like AgileLab. We look for companies that can guarantee concrete project efficiency and a deep knowledge of the latest technologiesallowing us to leverage technology as our competitive advantage and to speed up our digital evolution 

A strong propensity for innovation and research for advanced solutions is at the very core of Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care. Thanks to partnerships with leading companies in the technology market, and thanks to a natural inclination towards the world of innovation and participation in international events – which are veritable “ideas forges”, our company is constantly looking for new inputs and ideas that can push forward the so-called “Innovation Economics”.

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