Tech&More – Azure Cloud Architectures for Deployment of Data Science Models – May 5, 2022 | 18,30 CEST

On 5th May 2022, at 18,30 CEST, we are going to talk about Azure Cloud architectures for deployment of Data Science models.

With Pierangelo Calanna, Senior AI Engineer | Solutions Architect at Avanade and Vincenzo Cassaro, Big Data Engineer at Agile Skill, we will have a presentation about running data science models on the cloud and the process of designing a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution on Cloud Azure.

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Tech&More – What is Data Observability and does it work? – March 17, 2022 | 19 CET

On 17th March 2022, at 19 CET, we are really pleasured to host Michele Pinto, Head of Engineering at Kensu, for our Tech&More “What is Data Observability, and does it work?”

During the event, we are going to explore the world of Data Observability, how it helps team in troubleshoot data issues, its contribution in increasing the confidence inside the teams and in leading companies’ data-driven decisions.

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Tech&More – Less Servers, More Analysis – February 3, 2022 | 18,30 CET

A new Tech&More event for Big Data & AI Bari is coming. It will be held on February 3rd, at 18,30 CET. With Nicola Guglielmi, Cloud Solution Architect and acknowledged expert of the Google Cloud Platform,  we will talk about a use case of GCP for developing an analytics solution in a serverless environment.

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Tech&More – AWS ECS Fargate to Production & Deep dive on Apache Spark Encoders[_] – December 14, 2021 | 18,30 CET

A new Tech&More event for Big Data & AI Torino. It will be held on December 14th, at 18,30 CET. We will have two fantastic speakers with us, Faith Olapade, AWS certified Cloud/DevOps engineer, and Antonio Murgia, Big Data Architect at Agile Lab, talking about AWS ECS Fargate and Apache Spark respectivelly, a great opportunity for big data and cloud enthusiasts. Feel free to come and ask questions.

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Extensible DSLs with Tagless Final – 24th November 2021 | 6,30 PM CET

On November 24th, at 6,30 PM CET we are proud to announce that, with Scala Italy we will host a talk about Extensible DSLs with Tagless Final by Nicolas Rinaudo!

The purpose of this talk is to walk through a slightly simplified version of a language currently used in production to process millions of documents, show the most common problems that need to be solved and offer reasonable, easy-to-understand solutions.

You can’t miss the event! Send your RSVP as soon as possible to help us organize the event.

See you all on Wednesday  24th November!

Make your data confess quickly with Druid and Neo4j databases – Tech & More – 28th October 2021 | 18,30CEST

On October 28th, we are back with a new Tech & More event: we will talk about Druid and Neo4j databases.

The event will host two talks:

  • the first will be held by Peter Marshall, Technology Evangelist from Imply, who will give the story of Apache Druid, including also a description of end-to-end architectures from OSS Druid users (such as Lyft and Netflix).
  • the second will see Lorenzo Graziano, Data Engineer at Agile Lab, talking about the Property Graph model used by Neo4j, the main features of the database and the query language Cypher, by testing them on a Neo4j sandbox.

You can’t miss the event! Send your RSVP as soon as possible to help us organize the event.

See you all on Thursday 28th October!

Deep Learning for Image Classification – Tech & More – 7th July 2021 | 6,30PM

On July 7th, don’t miss our next Tech & More event: this time we will talk about Deep Learning for Image Classification.

The first event for the “Big Data & AI Roma” group, will focus on Deep Learning Architectures applied at one of the most successful domain: the image analysis

With Adriano Capirchio, a computational neuroscientist, CEO at AI2Life and teacher at Advanced School of AI (AS-AI), we will discover CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), the neural networks that made a crucial change in the field of Computer Vision.


Demystifying Neural Networks – Tech & More – 15th June 2021 | 6,30PM

A new Tech & More event is coming: Demystifying neural networks!
On 15th June at 6,30 PM, we will try to dispel some myths about neural networks and see a little more clearly.

Gennaro Vessio, researcher at the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, will be the guest speaker who will be pleased to answer all your questions and discuss with all of us about one of the most fascinating topic in the tech world.  


Streaming events using Knative and AI in Ambient Assisted Living – Tech & More – 13th May 2021 | 6,30PM

AgileLab Bari is ready for its first Tech & More!
On 13th May at 6,30 PM, we are going to present 2 projects, regarding Big Data and AI, completely made in Apulia!

Pierangelo Di Pilato, Big Data Engineer @ Agile Lab will present Knative and the project he realized, during last Google Summer of Code, to send streaming events using Apache Kafka.

Corrado Tatulli, Software Developer & Researcher Scientist at Exprivia S.p.A., the second speaker, will talk about some applications of AI in medicine.