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MARCH 2022

The new era for your enterprise platform


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) migration

Do you have everything you need?

The CDP migration is coming up, are you ready to face this new challenge? Agile Lab is willing to work with you to support and guide you in this delicate process. 

We are a company that has been working with this technology stack for over 10 years, and after so many success stories our customers consider us experts in planning and executing Cloudera cluster migrations. The support provided to many customers led us to gain knowledge and the necessary know-how to foresee and manage the impediments and the problems that can emerge during the migration phase. We meticulously work to discover hidden problems that can create a lot of issues.

Our goal is to define the design of a migration plan that is sustainable, safe and fast respecting the time to market.

LESSONS LEARNT from  migration projects

The right path for a successful migration


Together with our partner Cloudera, we have demystified one of the most actual challenges in the Data Management landscape: the migration to the new Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

To have an overview on the main topics we have discussed during the webinar, take a look at the session highlights.

During the session, Fabrizio Marini, Solutions Engineer at Cloudera, Andrea Mallegni, Sales Engineer at Cloudera, Lorenzo Pirazzini, Big Data Engineer at Agile Lab and Piergiorgio Spagnolatti, Head of Infrastructure at Banca Popolare di Sondrio have explored the opportunities and the breaking changes that have to be driven during the shift from HDP/CDH to the CDP, going deep, on how a company should structure its CDP migration to have a successful transition.


If you’d like to watch the full registration of the webinar, DOWNLOAD it now!

CDP migration requires knowledge

Test if your team is ready

Unfortunately migrating to CDP is not a standard process and the execution plan is heavily dependent on the procedure and the scenarios you’re interested in.

Do you know that there are several migration paths?

It is possible to migrate directly to a CDP public cloud and it is recommended if some cluster downtime is tolerated. Another approach is to migrate to a new cluster, it is strongly recommended if you are working with clusters consisting of a few nodes but, in this case, additional hardware is required. On the contrary, the In-Place approach is recommended if you are working with very large clusters, but this introduces inevitable downtime.

In addition to the multiplicity of existing approaches, a major problem may relate to some technologies that may not be supported. In these cases it is necessary to adopt manual approaches to migrate such components.

As you may have noticed, the CDP migration is not a common process and differs based on the infrastructure you want to migrate.

Are you ready to test your team’s knowledge and verify that you are ready to migrate to CDP?

Let your team take this test and immediately obtain a score on your skill status!

Boost your migration process

During a migration, your team will have to go through a number of manual tasks. While it can be bothering for small clusters, it will certainly be impossible for larger one, especially if the migration time is tight.
That’s why we collected and created a number of automation tools that help us to give it a boost and ease the migration process.

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CDP Migration – Lessons Learnt

Download our “Lessons Learnt” to know more about challenges, how to assess the existing environment and perform the upgrade to the new CDP.

CDP Migration – test your team