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Discover the long-term benefits of proper Data Governance for data-driven organizations


Data Governance is a crucial component of Data Management that focuses on establishing and enforcing policies, procedures, and standards that govern an organization's data.

With data governance, companies manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of their data throughout its lifecycle. This way, they guarantee that the data is accurate, reliable, and compliant. Data Governance is implemented via a Data Governance Framework that is unique to each enterprise and which maximizes operational processes and facilitates compliance with laws and regulations.

Decision-makers must ensure that data governance is applied to all IT systems, involves all stakeholders, and that governance keeps up with the scaling speed of the business in order to not become a bottleneck.

Ideally, a federated and computational data governance framework should be implemented in order to guarantee quality data that can correctly inform data-driven business decisions.

Organizations implementing data governance should focus on:

• Creating and implementing data quality standards and procedures
• Implementing data security and privacy measures
• Conducting regular data audits to identify and address any compliance risks
• Establishing a data catalog to document and track all data assets
• Using Data Access Management to ensure no sensitive data is compromised by unauthorized access

Governance Shift Left: An Agile Lab Approach to Data Governance

Governance Shift Left is our progressive approach to data governance that focuses on embedding data governance practices earlier in the data lifecycle, akin to the "shift left" concept in software development. It addresses the challenges posed by the ever-expanding volume of data and aims to rectify the disconnect between data governance and data management that often results in data quality issues, security breaches, and compliance violations.
 Governance Shift Left is based on four pillars:

Metadata as Code

You Build it, You Govern it

Not just Guidelines


Our Data Governance experience spans across verticals such as BFSI, Utilities, Automotive, and Manufacturing. We've put all our experience and knowledge into the following content.

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Data Governance White Papers

Our Data Governance Knowledge Base

Data Governance Framework: Pioneering Governance Shift Left

This pillar article delves into the complexities of data governance and explains why most data governance efforts fail. Governance Shift Left is our approach to data governance that ensures data quality and puts a framework in place that enables your data governance to scale with the business.

Boost Data Governance with Governance Decision Record

The Governance Decision Record (GDR) framework boosts the efficiency and efficacy of Data Governance frameworks. GDR revolves around a sound data governance practice that is not only open source but is also a documentation of governance decisions that offer context for data owners and consumers.


Data Governance Discussions

Governance Shift Left

Paolo Platter, CTO at Agile Lab discusses our Data Governance approach at length at the CDM Media Solutions Spotlight podcast. Key parts of the discussion:

  • What Governance Shift Left is
  • The processes it involves
  • The mindset shift it requires from organizations
  • The benefit Governance Shift Left provides
  • Enforcing policies across different tech stacks


Tech Talk - Computational Governance

This thought-provoking discussion goes over how organizations need to change to adopt Computational Governance, together with key aspects that a sound Computational Data Governance practice must contain for an organization. Watch the video to learn about:

  • What Computational Governance is
  • How a platform approach to being compliant can benefit organizations
  • Metadata activation and quality gates as key components within a data governance practice
  • The importance of Computational Policies


2023_data governance award_top 10 solution provider

Witboost: Award-winning Automated Data Governance Enabler

Governance Shift Left, Computational Policies, Governance Decision Records, Metadata activation, quality gates... these are all concepts we've explored throughout our 10-year experience in Data Governance.

It's been put together into Witboost, the ultimate platform that automates your Data Governance. Connect and configure your governance across your entire tech stack.

Witboost has been created with automation in mind, designed for organizations to scale their data governance together with their data and business. It's been recognized as one of the top 10 Data Governance solutions in 2023. Such a prestigious award is a testament to our dedication to sound data governance, which ensures data quality and compliance, saving time, money, and manual effort.