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Podcast episode hosted by Christina Stathopoulos, Data Whisperer and Data Expert. She hosted Paolo Platter, CO-founder and CTO at Agile Lab.

Implementing Data Mesh Initiatives

In this EM360 podcast episode, Paolo Platter, Co-Founder and CTO at Agile Lab discusses data mesh basics and our first data mesh use case.

white paper: Journey into the lifecycle of a computational policy that focuses on automated governance policies that are implemented as code.

White Paper Governance Policy

An in-depth white paper discussing computational policies, how they're better than governance policies and how you can implement them.

Cover of Agile Mag Newsletter, November 2022 edition.

Agile Mag January 2023 Edition

The January 2023 edition of our Agile Mag newsletter.

Elite Data Engineering is like a bridge made of planks

Elite Data Engineering

We have a simple mantra: Practice over technology. This allows us to focus on the strategies, processes, workflows and organizational models that make each company unique.

Top 6 Data Trends for 2023

Top 6 Data Trends for 2023

Our latest report about the emerging trends in Data Management.

Cover of Agile Mag Newsletter, November 2022 edition.

Agile Mag November 2022

The November 2022 edition of our Agile Mag newsletter.

Illustration of Technology in abstraction within the data mesh framework.

Data Mesh Technology Abstraction

In this article we address the mistake companies make by staking their Data Mesh implementation on technology

Assess your data mesh readiness with this quick, 5 minute test and see where you are in your data mesh journey.

Data Mesh Readiness Assessment

Benchmark your organization's current state when it comes to Data Mesh in 5 critical areas.

Cover of Agile Mag Newsletter, September 2022 edition.

Agile Mag September 2022 Edition

The September 2022 edition of our Agile Mag newsletter.

Scaled Data Mesh_Cover_250x125

Article: Scaled Data Mesh

This contribution wants to shed a light on some of the limits that a Data Mesh implementation will experience sooner or later.

Cover of the white paper titled: The Practical Guide to Successful Data Mesh Implementations

White Paper: Data Mesh

This whitepaper explores how businesses can identify, avoid, and solve the most common obstacles for scaling a successful Data Mesh initiative.

Agile Mag_Newsletter_July2022_Cover_250x125

Agile Mag July 2022

The July 2022 edition of our Agile Mag newsletter.