Data Solutions

What's included?

Data Strategy

  Data Governance

  Multi-cloud strategy

  DataOps Culture

  Data Fabric & Active Metadata

  Data Lake Strategy

Data Architecture

  Digital Platform architecture &  implementation

  Data Contracts

  Virtualization Architecture

  Streaming Platform

  Data Lake

  Modern Data Stack

  Metadata Lifecycle

  Platform Migration

Use Case Development


Managed Data Services

What's included? All in Transition, plus:

Data Product Builder


  Integrated with existing CI/CD Pipelines

  Integrated Documentation

  Integrated with Major Source Version Controls

  Integrated with Computational Governance Platform

  Manage the Lifecycle of Data Products

Computational Governance Platform

  Policy Register

  Policy Editor

  Policy Validation

  Policy Back Testing

  Data Contracts Enforcement

Data Product Provisioner

 Control Plane for Data drive Use Cases

  Coordinate complex Provisioning Tasks

  Bring your own Stack
  Open Source Starter Kit

  Easily extensible with open API specification

  Data Contracts Automation
  Data Catalog Integration for Metadata
What's included? All in Empower, plus:

Data Mesh Journey

  Data Mesh Assessment

  Data Mesh Storytelling

  Domain Mapping & Data Product Flow

  Data Mesh Architecture

  Data Mesh Platform Implementation

  Data Product Implementation

  Data Platform Management

Data Product Marketplace

  Data Product Dependencies & Topology

  Change Management Helper

  Data Product Registry

  Extend the Marketplace to include your Standards and your Metadata

  Mesh Supervision Dashboard

  Integration with Enterprise Data Catalog

  Access Control Automation

  Manage Incentives