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Discover out Wide Analytics Streaming Platform.


Discover the evolution of the new paradigm in the data scenario.


Data Strategy

We help companies to identify best practices to develop a big data strategy, what technologies might be used and how to build effective analytics.


From development and architectural guidance, planning and implementation, to team augmentation and code review, we offer a full range of services for long-term or short-term engagements.

Managed Data Services

We offer fully managed services on data-intensive architectures according to the needs of your business.

Open Source

Promoting a free exchange of ideas and shared knowledge, we believe that Open Source produces better quality software.


Technology is our passion and our driving engine to discover new ideas and learn new approaches. We put all our effort to deeply understand the internals and the right use for every framework that is in our stack, but our approach remains “independent” since we love to apply the right technology for the right use case.

We develop our platforms with a mixture of Open Source technologies and proprietary Coding and we can offer a specialized expertise especially in scalable technologies and machine learning tools. We’ve been recognized with some certifications in the most acknowledged frameworks in the scope of Big Data.

AIM2 is our new brand created to develop specific solutions for AI on the Edge with a dedicated focus to Computer Vision. Our purpose is leveraging the capabilities that AI on the Edge can offer to solve real problems.

The new training company focused on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud computing and scalable architectures. A team of specialists passionate about technology and with a solid experience in the implementation of innovative and challenging projects.

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