Lightbend Certification

We are very proud to announce that we have been certified as consulting partner from Lightbend.
The certification process challenged us to show our capabilities in Scala, Akka and Spark, building an activator template: akka realtime predictor .
We leveraged Akka Cluster, Akka Sharding, Distributed Data, Cassandra and Spark to build a deeply scalable real time predictor. No single point of failure, at least once delivery, cluster singleton and many other funny patterns have been used. Check it out!!!
Two of our lead big data engineers, Mattia Bertorello and Vito Ressa, with the supervision of Paolo Platter, delivered the full project ( code, test and docs ) in just two weeks! Great job guys.

Cassandra Certification

Our CTO Paolo Platter has become a certified Apache Cassandra Architect.
0110_Platter [2306293]
Cassandra is a great solution for eventually consistent scenarios. It provides linear scalability, no single point of failure and many other outstanding features. This distributed database achieves great performance both in reading and writing, but it doesn’t provide strong consistency and ACID transactions.
In NoSQL world it’s really important to understand requirements and DB features to choose the right DB for the right project. In Agile Lab we take care of all details about this architectural process.