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Wide Analytics
Streaming Platform

WASP is our end-to-end framework that leverages real time streaming analytics in the central platform and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

It is a scalable solution that works in real production environments where high volumes and performances are a must.


Easy processing
pipelines management

​Data Lineage
on streaming pipelines

Real time massive
data analysis

Machine Learning
in streaming

Real time and predictive
alerts notification



For Business Users

  • New Business Scenarios – not feasible with a traditional Data Analysis approach
  • Self-service Data Access
For Data Scientists
  • Pluggable Data Science Environment
  • Notebook access to the data
  • Easiness data pipelines management via pre-built “streaming analytics”
  • Expandable ML libraries
For IT Dept
  • Deployable both On-Premise or in Cloud
  • Pluggable on the most common BigData frameworks and Cloud PaaS providers
  • Open Source Core platform
  • API Data exposure: raw data and processed data at different stages

Business Cases


  • Claims Analytics
  • IoT platform
  • IoT Device Management


  • Data Quality Management
  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • Mainframe Offload


  • Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Metering


  • Production Line Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance

IT & Applications

  • Security & Network Monitoring
  • Users & Behaviour Monitoring
  • Threats Monitoring


  • Real Time Life Cycle Process Monitoring