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Wide Analytics
Streaming Platform

WASP is our end-to-end framework that leverages real time streaming analytics in the central platform and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

It is a scalable solution that works in real production environments where high volumes and performances are a must.


Easy processing
pipelines management

​Data Lineage
on streaming pipelines

Real time massive
data analysis

Machine Learning
in streaming

Real time and predictive
alerts notification



For Business Users

  • New Business Scenarios – not feasible with a traditional Data Analysis approach
  • Self-service Data Access
For Data Scientists
  • Pluggable Data Science Environment
  • Notebook access to the data
  • Easiness data pipelines management via pre-built “streaming analytics”
  • Expandable ML libraries
For IT Dept
  • Deployable both On-Premise or in Cloud
  • Pluggable on the most common BigData frameworks and Cloud PaaS providers
  • Open Source Core platform
  • API Data exposure: raw data and processed data at different stages

Business Cases





IT & Applications


Wasp Data Quality

Wasp DQ is part of the WASP Platform

Allows monitoring the quality of the data for a pipeline built within a big data environment.
The tool enables the control of the pipeline (both batch or streaming) from raw data to data model, leveraging natively Spark computations, without any external access to the environment typical of the traditional DQ tools.