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Wide Analytics
Streaming Platform

Wasp is the most advanced Analytics and data Streaming platform on the market. 

It is the ultimate tool for companies and corporations that strive to become data-driven and reduce time to market, thanks to ready-to-go business specific solution that can also be customised for every specific need.

Thanks to its wide range of components, Wasp can be tailor made to create a scalable end-to-end solutions, delivering reliable performance in real high volume production environments.


Wasp Components

Wasp Streaming

Powerful Streaming Services

Wasp Streaming allows easy writing of Streaming ETL and leveraging state of the art streaming engines.
Moreover, it frees the user from having to worry about all non business related aspects, by offering automated:

  • Monitoring
  • Data encoding and decoding
  • API Management
  • Telemetry

With a solid declarative model, Wasp Streaming is designed to be a powerful tool for avoiding possible mistakes.


Wasp Data Quality

Trust streams of data in real-time!

  • Monitor data quality in real-time
  • Enforce controls directly on the stream of data
  • No coding required
Traditional Data Quality tools analyze static datasets in data lake or data warehouse solutions.
But in a scenario where streaming data flows are becoming the new central nervous system of data management architectures to enable effective real-time business decisions, with or without automated AI models, it’s crucial to be in the position to trust these flows of data.
Wasp Data Quality enforces this vision, allowing the application of data quality controls on both data streams and static datasets with the same semantic and configuration.
Wasp Data Quality can act as a quality gatekeeper before business decisions, stopping the stream in not compliant situations. Otherwise, it can just monitor in real-time the flow without being intrusive with the business process.
Wasp Data Quality integrates with Wasp UI providing a single pane of glass to correlate Business Processes and Quality Metrics

Wasp Auto Data Lake

Wasp AutoDataLake automatically keeps in sync a data lake with the source systems.

Every data lake has an ingestion pipeline, and always more often, it is a real-time stream of data coming from change data capture. The real problem is how to apply these mutations into a data lake storage (typically immutable) without involving tons of batch jobs that are wasting the data freshness and create a scheduling hell into the cluster.

Wasp AutoDataLake:
• Decouples the pipeline from the specific CDC format
• Applies all the mutations in streaming refreshing the lake in near real-time
• Guarantees ACID compliance, supporting all major table formats (Delta, Iceberg, Hudi)
• Codeless, just configuration
• Extensible
• Enables business events generation directly on CDC stream


Wasp IoT

Processing real-time IoT data has never been so easy! 

  • Easy Data Collection
  • Automatic data modeling and archiving
  • Great integration with device management solutions
  • Device-level monitoring
  • Multiple deployment options ( Cloud, On-Premise, SoT, Gateway )

Wasp IoT enables device connectivity through major industry-standard protocols, MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, LWM2M, in a scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure way.

Wasp IoT, leveraging proprietary AI algorithms, can automatically catalog the incoming data and model them on a pluggable time-series database without any configuration or coding effort.

Wasp IoT enables monitoring all your devices at both aggregated and individual level.

This Wasp add-on brings in your IoT solution out-of-the-box features:

  • data pipeline end-to-end monitoring and fault-tolerance
  • configurable rule engine to generate alerts and events
  • pluggable business logic ( e.g. manufacturing KPI )
  • pluggable AI models ( e.g. predictive maintenance )

Wasp Radar

Increase the performance and the efficiency of your data pipelines, both batch, and streaming.

  • 50% time reduction to spot performance issues and potential improvements
  • 50% reduction in skills needed to address remediation actions
  • 100% return of investment in saved computing resources

Wasp Radar is a non-intrusive agent capable of analyzing your data pipelines while they are running and discover:

Wasp Radar provides a top-down approach spotting specific problems and raising them even in a complex and general scenario, reducing the complexity of such analysis and making it easy for a non-technical person to understand the issues and their severity.

Leveraging AI, it is possible to discover anomalies and predict trends in data pipeline’s behavior


Wasp Privacy

Be GDPR and CCPA compliant by design.
A comfortable and automatic way to manage PII.

Two main elements of the Wasp Privacy module are:

  • Automatic discovery and tagging of PII (Personally identifiable information)
  • Automatic data deletion of PII

Discovering all PII fields in your datasets and dataflows, tagging them in a metadata management system, and keeping this registry updated is a challenging and time-consuming process. Field metadata coming from other systems are not always meaningful (e.g. mainframe datasets), and they require manual data harvesting to exploit PII.

Wasp Privacy, leveraging AI, can discover all PII information in real-time directly on data streams or in static datasets. Everything is based on the actual and semantic content of the data and not on their static metadata.

Discovered metadata are stored on Wasp AI Catalog or in external Metadata Management systems


Wasp AI Catalog

Automatically generate metadata information for your data.

Metadata management is one of the most challenging and time-consuming processes in a data management platform. It requires considerable effort and a lot of distributed accountabilities to keep metadata aligned when datasets change.

Organizations conscientiously invest in creating their first metadata dictionary, but typically they underestimate the effort needed to keep this up to date.

Wasp AI Catalog helps to:

  • create the first metadata catalog, automatically harvesting and auto-tagging datasets
  • maintain the metadata catalog up to date, proactively identifying and suggesting metadata changes in your data (old and new)

Auto-tagging, leveraging a proprietary AI algorithm, can discover metadata in several business domains by only looking at your data’s content. 

Wasp AI Catalog can also discover relationships across your data, making it easy to find needed data and always reducing the human effort to keep these metadata aligned with underlying datasets.


The Wasp Platform

Wasp Ready-to-go business specific Solutions

Driving Behaviour


Behavioural Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Industry 4.0

Thanks to its modular structure and wide range of components, Wasp is ideally suited to create scalable end-to-end solutions in the most demanding markets and applications. These are some examples of real-world solution that over the course of the years we’ve provided our Clients with, enabling them to take full advantage of real-time data-driven decision making processes, cutting costs and maximizing profits.

Lowest TCO

Wasp guarantees the lowest TCO thanks to its native integration with all main Big Data Frameworks and Cloud PaaS Providers

Works On-premise

Works in Cloud


A jury of over 100 of CIOs and top managers from Italy’s largest public and private companies has recognized Agile Lab with the Digital 360 Award for the most innovative project in the Iot category and one of the 7 overall most innovative projects of the year.

Agile Lab’s Wasp enjoys solid 5 star ratings from verified reviewers on Gartner Peer Insights platform in the category of Data and Analytics

Agile Lab’s Wasp was nominated EMEA Solution of the Year, in the at the Cloudera Partner Impact Awards, at the end of a selection process led by members of the Cloudera EMEA Partner and Alliances team.

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