The natural evolution of Big Data will be Fast Big Data. Agile Lab has been focused on building an unattended big data platform for Real Time data ingestion and Streaming analytics.

These are the main tech features that WASP provides out of the box:

  • Scalable ingestion, processing and storage
  • Complex Analytics in RT
  • Pluggable Business Logic
  • Exact Once Delivery
  • HA and DR ready
  • Pluggable Datastore ( Cassandra, Elastic, Hbase, Druid, Solr and many others )
  • Data feed publishing in RT via API
  • Integrated model server ( batch training, model hot deploy, real time prediction ) for machine learning workloads
  • Lambda or Kappa Architecture configuration
  • Monitoring UI
  • Pipeline management UI
  • Data models management UI
  • Fast data interaction with Notebooks for DataScientists
  • Centralized log collection
  • Full dockerized
  • Business intelligence ready via JDBC
  • composable Trasformation Pipeline as directed acyclic graph
  • Pre built connectors: http, tcp, Twitter, activeMQ, Kafka, syslog, yahoo finance stocks & news, files, IRC, IMAP and many others.

Further details coming soon! For more info, please contact us

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