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Vodafone Automotive with Agile Lab and Cloudera, Data Streaming systems for real-time insights

11 JUNE 2020 – 3 PM

Attend the webinar to discover how Data Streaming technologies can represent a natural evolution for the companies who want to manage and leverage, in real-time, all the information hidden in data, often coming from IoT devices.

With Paolo Giuseppetti, Vodafone Automotive, Head of Innovation and Connected Mobility Platform, Filippo Lambiente, Cloudera Senior Presales and Paolo Platter, Agile Lab CTO & Founder we will explore the benefits of real-time analysis and data management, a great business opportunity to improve the level of services for your customers.


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Leverage data in motion, thanks to streaming platforms, transforming data in immediate actions. 

During the webinar we will explore how, with WASP, Wide Analytics Streaming Platform, and Cloudera solutions, we supported Vodafone Automotive in using their data, transforming them in useful information, in real-time.

At the end of the event, all attendees will be able to download a preview of the White Paper “The world is real-time, not batch”, an overview of Data Streaming scenario, its stages of evolution and benefits. 

(The webinar will last 45 minutes, with a Q&A session at the end).

The event is mainly for “End-User” and with limited places available. For organizational reasons, we might not be able to confirm all registrations.