White Paper: Getting Data Mesh Buy-In

A Whitepaper by the Data Mesh Learning Community

Implementing Data Mesh depends a lot on an organization's culture. This whitepaper has surveyed companies that have already started their Data Mesh journeys.

The main finding is that regardless of the buy-in levels for Data Mesh, everyone had confidence in it after getting started. Moreover, get your hands on recommendations from the DML community through real-world case studies, collected from the members themselves (that includes us).

Get years of work distilled into key insights in minutes, including:

  • When the respondents' Data Mesh journeys began
  • Levels of progress on each Data Mesh pillar
  • Implementation decision-makers and approvals
  • How hiring, contracting services, consulting services, tech investments, and training on Data Mesh split among respondents.
  • How key stakeholders aligned with the concept, including confidence scores and top concerns
  • Effective approaches of implementation

Download this white paper to make these insights yours (no registration necessary)

Thanks to all DML community members contributing to this piece!

Cover_Whitepaper_Getting Data Mesh Buy-In