White Paper: The Script that Fixes Your Data

Metadata as Code

Enterprises today sit on mountains of data, with countless possibilities and options to extract them, mould them, understand them, and use them to drive decision-making.

Yet this vast amount also means a tremendous challenge for data stakeholders, because sifting through all the data is an active challenge that takes countless hours to solve.

The solution? Metadata as Code. Think about it, metadata is essentially data about data. To truly become a valuable business asset, your data needs metadata.

So what if metadata and data had the same lifecycle? With today's heavy reliance on automation, it's a no-brainer.

Using metadata as code allows you and your organization's stakeholders to use a self-service infrastructure to generate insights and make data-driven decisions with speed, autonomy, and ease.

Learn how to:

  • Use metadata management to enforce computational policies via a policy-as-code approach
  • Boost your security and compliance
  • Improve overall data quality and health
  • Use machine-readable metadata to fuel data governance automation
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