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DATA MESH boost provides a real and high fidelity view about the entire lifecycle of your Data Products. Starting from the creation and ending with the consumption, speeding up the time to market and lowering implementation costs.

In order to let Data Consumers smoothly interact with Data Products, the modules allow a unified view to discover, understand, trust and monitor, enabling a frictionless and trustful relationship between Data Producers and Data Consumers.​

The solution also act as a starter kit, with different ready-to-use templates and good practices already implemented.
Addressing a Data Mesh initiative has never been so easy!


Using templates, the platform team can provide re-usable scaffolds with best practices built-in. 

All the componentstechnologies and patterns useful to build effective data products can be provided through templates, letting your organization to define standards: S3 instead of GFS? Spark instead of Flink? You are completely free to define your building blocks to deliver effective data products. Providing a catalog of easy to clone templates is a foundation to reduce the time to market and the quality of your data products.

The full life-cycle of templates is automated and you can import whatever component in your data product in seconds, ready to implement your domain specific business logic.


You can finally manage all your data products in one single place without jumping across hundreds of git repositories. Forget manual operations about cloning and configuring your data product components. Automate the entire lifecycle of your data product: creation, linking, deployment, upgrade, versioning, access control, and deprecation paths.

Standardize and simplify all the data product operations across all the teams and helping to handle change management across distributed ownership.



Make your Data Product an atomic and indipendently deployable unit. Built-in CI/CD to automate your deployments. Create your self-service infrastructure as platform, leveraging out of the box integration or building your own custom services. Domain teams are able to provision everything they need to build Data Products with 1-click, staying compliant with standards and policies.

A single entry point where is possible to enforce configurable computational policies to be sure that every Data Product is compliant with them, guaranteeing only high quality products on your Mesh.



Search and Discover all the Data Products in your mesh, gaining trust and information about them. You can interact directly with data product owners eliminating data information loss due to email, spreadsheets, etc.

It integrates smoothly with metadata management systems that you already have, in order to provide a unified experience about data product information ( dependencies, structure, business metadata, SLO, policies, observability ).

Make your users accountable for their Data Products providing full transparency about them across the entire company.


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