The marketplace module deploys the Data Mesh experience plane in order to provide transparency and trust to the Data Mesh boost users, as well as key information such as version, domain, status, and environments.

Search and discover all the data products in your mesh, interact directly with data product owners eliminating the risk of data information loss and manage accountabilities to provide full transparency about data products across the entire company.





The marketplace integrates smoothly with metadata management systems that you already have, in order to provide a unified experience about data product information (dependencies, structure, business metadata, SLO, policies, observability).

Data Mesh boost customers can access the Global Marketplace and download ready-to-use data products into their workspace as well as publish their entire data products on the marketplace to monetize them.


Don’t need to worry about compliance, if data products are available in the marketplace, that means they have already passed all the embedded requirements, best practices and standards. Data Mesh Boost automatically applies the process, eliminating any mystification.



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