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Data Product Builder

The Data Product Builder standardizes the lifecycle management of all Data Components and uses a Utility Plan that provides self-service capabilities.

It provides facilities to create new Data Components from templates, or from scratch, or by updating and versioning existing ones. 


Speed up the development of data-centric application


Reduce the data engineering time to complete a data initiative by 20% and automate end-to-end provisioning


Lower the barrier to develop data use cases and to create data components, using templates


Create Data Components in mere minutes and orchestrate all components


Allow your Platform Team to create and publish templates, creating a starter kit for the entire organization. Templates can also take care of infrastructure provisioning and use case implementation.

Manage the lifecycle of templates, while providing several facilities for the automatic upgrade across the organization.

The platform team has the possibility to create templates for whatever technology and behaviour they want to provide to the data teams to speed up and improve their experience and reduce their cognitive load.

Existing CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Automate the deployment of your data components and data assets, integrating with your own DevOps and GitOps tools. Customize your build process and integrate smoothly with existing CI/CD pipelines.

All the features are exposed as API with strong authentication and authorization (RBAC).

Integrated Documentation

Documentation should stay side by side with code. Witboost automatically renders your markdown/html documentation, sitting alongside the code.

Integrated with Major Source Version Controls

Single pane of glass for your data projects across multiple repositories, deep integration and automation with your Git.

Integrated with Computational Governance Platform

Automate and integrate build services, including quality gates thanks to the integration with the computational governance platform.

Data Product Builder integrates with the computational governance to early-detect possible problems and to raise awareness about them in the development lifecycle.

Manage to End-to-End Lifecycle of Data Components

The Data Product builder UI allows users to perform all the main actions required to manage the end-to-end life cycle of a Data Component:

  • Create a Data Component
  • Create a new version of a Data Component
  • Test a Data Component
  • Clone a Data Component
  • Commit a Data Component
  • Revert to a version of a Data Component
  • Describe a Data Component
  • Delete a Data Component
  • Deploy a Data Component
  • Undeploy a Data Component


Control Plane for Data Driven Use Cases

Control all your resources with a single-pane view of data initiatives.

Quickly gauge which initiatives pass or fail the policy checks.

Drill down and fix initiative in the same window.

Manage each release version.

Coordinate Complex Provisioning Tasks

Automate and orchestrate complex deployment of data initiatives.Create infrastructure and applications in quick succession.

One-click deployment experience even for complex projects.

Find out how automating complex provisioning for data applications is a game changer for enterprises.

Deeply integrating with the governance it helps to manage the end to end lifecycle of a data product, a data use case or even a set of tables.

It enables to discovery breaking changes allowing to create new versions of an entire data initiative with one click ( cloning all the repositories and upgrading versions, dependencies, etc ), but also it helps to set-up and implement deprecation mechanism to minimize the impacts on the platform community when a project must be shut down.

The life cycle is also including the deployment and undeployment phases integrating with the Computational Governance Platform module.

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Witboost Logo_New2023