The Data Product Builder standardizes the lifecycle management of all Data Products, providing facilities to create new Data Products from templates or to update and version existing ones.  

The time-to-market to implement Data Products is one of the primary metrics that teams will evaluate. Developing a single, simple Data Product from scratch without facilities may require more than one month. When this is multiplied across multiple data products and domains, the resulting inefficiency is unsustainable.

witboost Data Product Builder leverages an advanced template engine (powered by Backstage), which allows the governance team to define and enforce standards using prepackaged ready-to-use software components. With these templates, engineers can spin up an output port with an organization’s best practices embedded from the start. By starting the process with these best practices, overall adoption will increase across the domain team: Data Product Builder can also track standard usage and adoption level. 

Once Data Products have been deployed, witboost will ensure control over them knowing which version is currently in use and in which environment they were deployed. In addition, witboost offers innovative capabilities to duplicate and create new versions of a Data Product. This enables and enhances a common practice, allowing the evolution of data products without risk of errors in the change process. 



The Data Product builder UI allows users to perform all the main actions required to manage the end-to-end life cycle of a Data Product:

  • Create a DP 
  • Test a DP
  • Commit a DP
  • Describe a DP
  • Deploy a DP
  • Create a new version of a DP
  • Clone a DP 
  • Modify a DP
  • Undeploy a DP
  • Revert a version of a DP
  • Delete a DP

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