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Data Product Marketplace

The marketplace module deploys the Data Mesh experience plane in order to provide transparency and trust to the Witboost users.

The module also provides key information such as version, domain, status, and environments.
Search and discover all the data products in your mesh, interact directly with data product owners eliminating the risk of data information loss and manage accountabilities to provide full transparency of data products across the entire company.


Boost communication across domains.


Make the data products discoverable and observable.


Enhance transparency and trust around data products.


Measure business value created by the mesh

Data Mesh Journey & Data Product Flow

The Data Product Flow starts from business processes and data consumers needs and goes back to the data sources.

It’s fundamentally the opposite of the traditional data modelling where the «data opportunities» come after having modeled the entire data landscape.

The final scope is  to bring automation into the business decision process to generate value. Data Product Flow helps to identify “data opportunities” starting from the business decision process. ​

Mapping the right Data Products is fundamental for the future success of the overall initiative.

Data Product Dependencies and Topology

Data products rely on one another both as inputs and outputs. They have to be observable across an organization's many domains.

View how data products relate across all the domains of your organization and configure their dependencies.

Take a bird's eye view of how changes impact all data products.

Change Management Helper

Changes impact more than just data product that is being changed. One change affect the entire data product flow and eve compound down the line.

The Change Management Helper let's you know of any changes being made and requires each data product owner to accept or reject the changes being made.

This Notification Center allows you as a data product owner to have a quick view of any requests made by your colleagues, the reason of the request and extra motivation for request.

Data Product Registry

View all of your Data Product on the registry as a list view. Registry includes details such as domain, version, environment, publish date, ower, flag and score and tag. All of these can be filtered in order to find the data product you are looking for.

The Flag an Score column ensure your data products' quality and any medium "yellow" and/or urgent "red" non-compliance issues. These are integrated with the Computational Governance Platform

Integration with Enterprise Data Catalogue

The Data Product Marketplace wouldn't be complete without automatically integrating with your Data Catalogue.

Once integrated, all your catalogue can be viewed and edited as any new Data Product created within the Marketplace.

This will enable you to view and dependencies, topology, registry, compliance, and changes to your data products created before using Witboost or any of its modules.

Integrated and newly created Data Products can be viewed in more detail and edited.

You can view properties, schema, lineage, contacts and related information of your Data Products.

Here we have a view of a Data Product's schema.

Access Control Automation

As seen before, Data Product access can be given via the Marketplace's UI. By owning multiple data products, access requests can multiply and appear in quick succession.

The access control can be automated on the platform, setting up conditions to match that of the data team member requesting access.

On the request side, you can also automate the request, therefore allowing the module to work for you while focusing on other matters that require your attention.

Manage Incentives

Since every data product is discoverable and observable, there's an incentive for each producer to create quality products.

The platform provides a ranking of all data products and uses gamification elements to declare a winner. Both the data product name and its owner are mentioned.

Each Data Product has a score and ranking within the Data Product Marketplace module. This allows for a healthy competition between data producers.

The score and ranking of data products consists of a quality score, a customer satisfaction score, and an update score. There are all aggregated in order to provide the overall score used in the ranking table.

The higher the overall score, the more a data consumer trusts that data product.

See the Marketplace in Action

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