Supervise your architecture and speed up data product delivery

witboost provides a real and high fidelity view about the entire lifecycle of your Data Products. Starting from the creation and ending with the consumption, speeding up the time to market and lowering implementation costs.

In order to let Data Consumers smoothly interact with Data Products, the modules allow a unified view to discover, understand, trust and monitor, enabling a frictionless and trustful relationship between Data Producers and Data Consumers.

The solution also act as a starter kit, with different ready-to-use templates and good practices already implemented.
Addressing your DMS needs has never been so easy!



Ready to use

75% time saved on implementation

Quickly develop and deploy quality and compliant Data Products from day 1, enabling faster adoption and effectiveness at the domain level.


Always compliant

Automated computational governance

Automatically enforce computational policies defined by the federated governance team.


Growth enabler

100% technology agnostic

Easily adopt changes, introduce a new multi-cloud strategy or add multiple technologies to an existing data mesh implementation.


Mesh supervision

Scaling to reach data excellence

Customize KPIs, identify the value produced and create incentive plans to improve your mesh effectiveness.

witboost in action

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Data Product graph view

Data Product dependencies

Data Product configuration

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Data Product Provisioning

Zero manual operations in deployment and access control 

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Data Product Builder

Codeless UI to set up the data products in a few clicks

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Data Product Templates

From days to minutes to build a new data product

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Data Product Marketplace

Direct interaction between data consumers
and producers

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