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Create reusable, tested and validated templates that are fully automated and are instilling best practices, software quality and security, thus becoming tech agnostic. Create computational governance policies acting at deploy time and runtime, collecting results in a unified location for better auditing and monitoring. Manage the end-to-end governance process of your data components.

Forget about technology or vendor lock-in thanks to technology agnostic principles. Fully extensible and open for customizations through plugins and microservices on backend and frontend. Streamline your workloads by generating a consistent user experience for the entire set of activities to be performed. Streamline the data engineering process and improve the overall development.

Establish transparent and automatically enforced contracts between the platform and its users, creating guardrails for a better, high quality and secure data initiatives. Use your data toolbox to provide the necessary tools to monitor and audit the data pipelines, data access and usage.

Get more details about our technology agnostic modular platform, including its architecture, user manual, API Reference, and troubleshooting by accessing the Witboost Documentation. The entire platform documentation is written by our engineers. It's designed to give you the technical details and capabilities you need to fully understand how it works together with your tech stack.

The platform is built with often-ignored data security in mind. Protect the organization from data breaches and compliance violations. Implement Data Mesh, Data Lake, DWH and ML platforms with high quality standards and velocity, moving at the speed of business. Don't let your data lag behind business decisions.

Witboost Benefits

Witboost reduces the time, effort and costs of data centric initiatives, improves platform user experience and reduces cognitive load.
Reduce burn and disconnection of governance, improving automation and enforcement, while reducing overall risks.


Collaborate more effectively with other members of the data team and other stakeholders, allowing the creation of a community of practice.


Tech Agnostic

Increase your ability to innovate, gaining technology agnosticity and lowering the cost of technology evolutions.

Witboost in Action

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Data Product graph view

Data Product dependencies

Data Product configuration


Data Product Builder

Codeless UI to set up data components in mere minutes

  • Speed up the development of data centric application

  • Reduce the data engineering time to complete a data initiative by 20%

  • Lower the barrier to develop data use cases and to create data components, using templates

Discover the Builder

Computational Governance Platform

Automate and enforce governance along the whole process

  • Increase overall quality standards and reduce compliance risks

  • Create and maintain a centralized repository of human and machine readable computational policies, automating their execution and allowing to manage their life cycle

  • Gain full visibility on policies results and drill down to a specific resource if necessary

Discover the Governance Platform

Witboost's Data Governance Platform in action
Witboost's Data Product Provisioner in action.

Data Product Provisioning

Automated deployment and access control 

  • Automate end to end the provisioning and the deployment of a data initiative, data infrastructure and applications

  • Reduce the overall process lead time and boost team autonomy

  • Orchestrate all the components and integrate with computational policies to enforce governance before the data is going into production

Discover the Provisioner


Data Product Marketplace

Boost communication across domains

  • Make the data products discoverable and observable

  • Enhance transparency and trust around data products

  • Measure business value created by the mesh

Discover the Marketplace

Witboost's Data Product Marketplace in action.
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