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Manage Data at the Speed of Business


witboost is a modular, scalable, fast, efficient Data Management System for your company to truly become Data Driven, reduce Time-to-market, IT expenditures and overheads.

witboost comprises a series of modules.
These are building blocks that can work as standalone solutions to address and solve a single need or problem, or they can be combined to create the perfect Data Management Ecosystem for your company.


A Composable Platform

DATA MESH boost provides a real and high fidelity view about the entire lifecycle of your Data Products. Starting from the creation and ending with the consumption, speeding up the time to market and lowering implementation costs.

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In order to let Data Consumers smoothly interact with Data Products, the modules allow a unified view to discover, understand, trust and monitor, enabling a frictionless and trustful relationship between Data Producers and Data Consumers.​

The solution also acts as a starter kit, with different ready-to-use templates and good practices already implemented.
Addressing a Data Mesh initiative has never been so easy!

DATA ENGINEERING boost is a collection of modules designed to not only improve your overall Data Engineering experience, but critically to speed up both implementation and processes.

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Each module improves a specific Data Engineering function and they can be combined to create the perfect solution to answer your specific needs, guaranteeing a blazingly fact and smooth implementation, thus dramatically reducing Time-To-Market, Time-To-Value and consequently the TCO of your Data Engineering infrastructure.

Data Stewardship, the creation and management of Metadata, is often indispensable and can create an enormous added value. But usually this process is very slow and labor intensive.

METADATA boost is designed to definitely speed up both creation and management of metadata, allowing you to design fast processes and leverage all the help of smart automation, while maintaining full control.

Discover modules

Each module addresses and improves a specific function and  they can be combined to create the perfect solution to answer your specific needs, dramatically reducing Time-To-Market, Time-To-Value and consequently the TCO of your Data Stewardship

Lowest TCO

witboost guarantees the fastest implementation and shortest time-to-value. It is based on the most reliable industry standards
(open source) and it offers native capabilities to integrate with current corporate IT systems.

This all translates in the smoothest working environment, the highest system uptime and the lowest TCO for your company.

Open Source based 

witboost is based on open-source technologies. This means relying on a proven and constantly checked and improved upon foundation and also assures our clients the lowest possibility of lock-in.

In the world of IT, “standard” is not a lower grade compared to “premium” or some other fancy marketing name. Standard means open, transferrable, proven and reliable.

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