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Agile is not just part of our name: it’s how we work, it’s who we are. We are problem solvers, unhindered by a mastodontic structure, we move fast, respond to and overcome the challenges, adapt to changing needs and technologies. In one word, we are agile.

For our clients this means relying on a team of energetic young, yet experienced professionals, who hit the ground running, and keep running to the finish line. We always deliver, no matter the challenges, and we deliver fast, guaranteeing the shortest possible time to market. We don’t ship unnecessary bulk, and each solution is unique to each of our clients. We listen carefully to the client’s needs, design a system and then, like for a bespoke suit, we go through the process of tweaking it, checking all the seams and ironing out all creases and wrinkles, until it fits perfectly and exceeds our client’s expectations.

We don’t oversell, because it is our responsibility to keep our promise and deliver a high quality, dependable solution that does all we said it would, and more.

Like a research lab, we are always looking for what’s next. R&D plays a huge role in our company, the importance of which can not be underestimated.

We study new technologies and paradigms, specializing in Big Data and AI applications, to get a deep understanding of how they work, what benefits they bring to the table, what flaws need be corrected. We push the envelope until they are mature enough to be part of our solutions, to constitute a concrete advantage for our clients in real-world, data intensive environments.

That is why we have been pioneering Data Mesh in Europe and why we are already able to bring it to market.

Because of this WASP has became the most advanced Analytics and Data Streaming Platform available today and it keeps evolving to maintain its competitive advantage for may years to come.


At Agile Lab everything is based on Collaboration, Transparency, Efficiency, Results, and Inclusion. Maintaining a public handbook is the best representation of this philosophy and of how we work. It also serves as a constant reminder and a guarantees of our values for our clients, our employees and people who want to become part of our growing team.  It takes inspiration from the GitLab Inc. handbook (credits to them, for their impressive vision and execution) but adapts to what Agile Lab currently is. It is therefore an ever evolving work-in-progress, and we are committed to always keep it up-to-date, aware that mistakes will be made, but always remaining focused on improving ourselves. Advance, Support, Continue to advance.

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