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Active since 2014, Agile Lab is basically an R&D company focused on the development of Big Data and AI Applications. We offer specialized services to help our customers to manage their data and deliver performance and value


We have developed a strong experience and a deeper understanding of the real big data environments mostly in several Enterprise companies, that allowed us to have a wide open thinking and to offer ideas, new methodologies and technology approaches to cross-sector Customers, without fear for challenges or for trying new things.

Our Principles


Our purpose is give back what we receive, consolidate a strong group and above all we want Agile Lab to be a good place to stay and an opportunity for everybody that works with us.

To reach this goal we have introduced a revenue sharing and “work for equity” system based on several indicators and on the company earnings that every year are transparently communicated to the Team. Moreover in Agile Lab we are strongly concentrated on performance and we have not missed a peculiar prize framework that gives value to every and each contribution that an employee gives to our company.


Our organization is inspired by Self Management methodologies, that we have adapted to our purpose. We rely on specialized cells with specific scopes: Projects, Products development, R&D technology evolution, Open Source management, community building, design thinking.

The technology market is fast evolving and a dynamic and organized personnel becomes a key element to build a productive and creative ecosystem in the company.


Our people give us the real competitive advantage and that’s why we put maximum care and attention to our Team to create an engaging and exciting environment.

Each person will be able to work in the core of Big Companies driving challenging projects, but in the meantime we are also very focused on the personal growth involving each one in R&D projects, attending Worldwide Top Technology Summits, A.I. Masters, obtaining technology certifications, exploring new technologies. Everything is planned to enhance constantly personal capabilities and growth during the time.


At Agile Lab everything is based on Collaboration, Transparency, Efficiency, Results, and Inclusion. Maintaining a public handbook is the best representation and guarantee of such values for our customers, our employees and people who want to join us. This is our first draft deeply inspired to the GitLab Inc. one (credits to them, impressive vision and execution) but adapted to what Agile Lab currently is. From here we will evolve it with an inclusive process, making mistakes, but always trying to improve ourselves. Advance, Support, Continue to advance.

AIM2 is our new brand created to develop specific solutions for AI on the Edge with a dedicated focus to Computer Vision. Our purpose is leveraging the capabilities that AI on the Edge can offer to solve real problems.

The new training company focused on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud computing and scalable architectures. A team of specialists passionate about technology and with a solid experience in the implementation of innovative and challenging projects.

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