Workshop - Stockholm, 25th October 2023

Transforming complex and cross-functional use cases into Data Products

Empowering sustainable data strategies through Platforms as a Product

In a world increasingly focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, the role of data in driving meaningful change cannot be understated. At the core of the ESG data problem we need to competently mix data from different processes and business functions, making the data provisioning investment the largest cost driver.

What if we could use investments in ESG data provisioning to create trusted data products to be used by other use cases?

Join us in Stockholm on October 25, 2023, to discuss how to equip your company with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to take tangible steps toward a sustainable future.


Understanding the operationalization of complex use cases, such as ESG Reporting, within an end-to-end Data Product Culture:

Which are the most common business and data challenges for complex data use cases in multi-domain scenarios (ESG reporting example).
How an internal Platform can facilitate and accelerate the business focus of Data Teams.
End-to-end Data Product lifecycle supporting a fast-changing technological and business landscape.
Data Contracts as socio-technical mechanism to define boundaries and accountabilities among multiple data domains.
Aligning Platform Investments and Data Practices with the business stakeholder agenda. 

Event Details

October 25, 2023

Bonnierhouse - Conferences, Torsgatan 21 - Stockholm



13.00-13.15      Welcome coffee and introductions

13.15-15.00      Workshop session 1

15.00-15.30     Coffee/tea and networking

15.30-17.00     Workshop session 2

17.00-18.30     Food, beer/wine and networking

18.30                   Free entry to Data/AI confessions party. We will walk together to Venue 81, Drottninggatan 81.

15 min walk and some fresh air.


The workshop is an opportunity to uncover the keys to making your company’s ESG initiatives not only cost-effective but also future-proof. Connect the technological agenda to concrete operational challenges where DataOps and Platforms have a key role.

Whether you are a CIO, CDO, Head of Platform, Senior/Lead Data Architect or Head of Data and Analytics, you can’t miss this event.

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This clinic is hosted by:

Paolo Platter, Co-Founder and CTO of Agile Lab

Agile Lab is one of the pioneers of the Data Mesh paradigm based on their experience in the implementation of Distributed Architecture, organisation, and engineering patterns on a global scale originating, in 2016 for a global energy utility company. Paolo, as CTO, has been the brain and shaper of the actual patterns down to the code and engineering experience level.


Henrik Göthberg, CEO of Dairdux

Henrik founded Dairdux to address the organisational and operational challenges on the business side, to move into more domain and platform-oriented team topologies and practices in traditional business roles. Henrik has been the Chairman of Data innovation Summit since its start and has, from line manager roles, shaped the operationalisation of data and analytics-intensive business teams at Vattenfall and Scania. In the role of Head of Group Financial System at Vattenfall, Henrik successfully shaped Federated Operations and Governance and deal with multi-domain data models.

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