Make your data confess quickly with Druid and Neo4j databases

On October 28th, we are back with a new Tech & More event: we will talk about Druid and Neo4j databases.

The event will host two talks:

  • The first will be held by Peter Marshall, Technology Evangelist from Imply, who will give the story of Apache Druid, including also a description of end-to-end architectures from OSS Druid users (such as Lyft and Netflix).

  • The second will see Lorenzo Graziano, Data Engineer at Agile Lab, talking about the Property Graph model used by Neo4j, the main features of the database and the query language Cypher, by testing them on a Neo4j sandbox.

You can't miss the event! Send your RSVP as soon as possible to help us organize the event.

See you all on Thursday 28th October!