Digital Recruiting Week 2023 - Stem

Digital Recruiting Week 2023 will take place between 20-24 of March and is dedicated to the Stem field.

Between the 20th-24th of March we'll be discussing our career opportunities with Italian students and graduates. They will meet with Antonio Murgia, Data Architect; Sara Tamburini, HR & Employer Branding; and Sabrina Di Franco, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding during Digital Recruiting Week 2023.

This year's edition is dedicated to the Stem field. The 100% digital job fair brings together companies, students, and graduates in an original and innovative way. Our colleagues are ready to answer all questions and discuss both career and professional development opportunities. Professional growth and upskilling are just 2 of our core pillars at Agile Lab.

We're excited to meet so many young people and showing them what we're all about.

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