Il Data Mesh è il futuro della Data Engineering?

Is Data Mesh the Future of Data Engineering?

To extract real value from data, companies need to change their approach to Data Engineering. That’s why Data Mesh is becoming increasingly popular.

Agile Lab explains what it is.

By Roberto Coluccio – Agile Lab Data Architect


Is Data Mesh the key that’s been missing?

Is Data Mesh the key that’s been missing to create a 360-degree view?
There is no doubt that the vast amounts of data generated from our digital lives is one of the greatest assets of our time. One of the many ways to take advantage of the data being collected is through a so-called 360 view. In a nutshell, it allows companies to create a holistic picture of their customers by collecting data from different types of touch points…

By Roberto Coluccio – Agile Lab Data Architect


Sblocca il potenziale dei Big Data!

Since 2014, Agile Lab has been creating value for its customers in data-intensive environments, harnessing the power of highly innovative technologies and enabling services.

In the article, the two founders talk about the growth milestones achieved in recent years and the collaboration with prestigious companies, such as Vodafone Automotive.
Francesco Fabrizi, CTO at Vodafone Automotive, explains how the company has accelerated its transformation by leveraging the potential of Big Data with Agile Lab.


That’s why we need to stop talking technology – and start focusing on the real value of data

Few topics have been supported and soaked so much in today’s organizations as how to best take care of their data. Business leaders are often good at talking about how the organization should make better use of its data to meet the problems it faces – but the problem is that it is often a game for the gallery. The result is frustrated IT departments that experience a lack of mandates and tools, and a company management that is eventually forced to realize that they do not operate the ship modernly.

By Paolo Platter – Agile Lab CTO & Co-founder