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Sblocca il potenziale dei Big Data!

Since 2014, Agile Lab has been creating value for its customers in data-intensive environments, harnessing the power of highly innovative
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That’s why we need to stop talking technology – and start focusing on the real value of data

Few topics have been supported and soaked so much in today’s organizations as how to best take care of their
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Agile Lab con Poste Italiane in Svezia nel segno del Data Mesh

At the last edition of Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm, Agile Lab strengthened its focus on innovation in the world
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Agile Lab conferma il suo focus su innovazione, Big Data e Data Analytic. David Greco è il nuovo Chief Data Architect

Agile Lab confirms its focus on innovation, Big Data and Data Analytics. David Greco is the new Chief Data Architect.
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Data Mesh, 10 consigli pratici per adottarlo con successo in azienda

10 practical tips that can help companies in reducing Data Mesh’s adoption roadblocks and improve domains’ engagement, in this article
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Intelligenza Artificiale: l’Italia si fa strada nell’innovazione

The confidence of large Italian companies in Artificial Intelligence is growing, but training and talent are needed. Will 2022 be
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Smart Working Plus di Agile Lab pensato per un team di “nomadi digitali”

In September 2021, Agile Lab has launched, for its employees, “Smart Working Plus”, the opportunity to work remotely from a
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Safety Intelligence: l’AI per la sicurezza in ambienti di lavoro industriali – Industry 4 Business

More efficient than wearable sensors, computer vision applications for safety extract information from a video stream via image processing, artificially
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Cos’è il Data Mesh e perché risolve problemi – 01 Net

Data Mesh provides an alternative to the centralized, organisational and architectural model of the data lake with a distributed, decentralized
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La classe operaia va nel CDA – Persone & Conoscenze

From co-operatives to horizontal organisations, to make workers count (effectively). How to involve employees in strategic business decisions and activities?
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Bitmat – Digitalizzazione delle banche: a che punto sono gli istituti italiani? Il punto di vista di Intesa Sanpaolo e Agile Lab

How are Italian banks facing the advent of the digital economy? What is their level of digital transformation? What technologies
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Forme – Idee & Strumenti

L’ autonomia che fa bene all’ azienda Che cosa signifca adottare un modello organizzativo aziendale basato sul Self Management? Paolo
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