Big Data Trainings

Agile Lab unveils its onsite big data training programs!! We want to share knowledge about big data topics, to bring innovation.
Right now the focus is on Spark and Cassandra. But we are also about to provide Hadoop, Elastic, Solr and Kafka courses.
Our trainings focus on hands-on labs and deep understanding of theoretical principles.
Innovating your stack is your business foundation.

Cassandra Certification

Our CTO Paolo Platter has become a certified Apache Cassandra Architect.
0110_Platter [2306293]
Cassandra is a great solution for eventually consistent scenarios. It provides linear scalability, no single point of failure and many other outstanding features. This distributed database achieves great performance both in reading and writing, but it doesn’t provide strong consistency and ACID transactions.
In NoSQL world it’s really important to understand requirements and DB features to choose the right DB for the right project. In Agile Lab we take care of all details about this architectural process.