Hold my Beer: Recommendation systems for beer lovers – 17th February 2021 | 6,30 PM

Do you wish there was a system that knew what your next favorite beer would be?
During the next meetup, you can figure it out and participate in creating your own beer recommendation system.

With Paolo Tomeo, Big Data Engineer with a Ph.D. in Recommendation Systems, Riccardo Fino, Data Scientist and Statistician, and Lorenzo Graziano, Data Engineer and Computer Scientist, you will be able to create your beer recommendation system.

This meetup offers a gentle introduction to recommendation systems and is well suited for those who have never had a chance to learn more about the topic. The more experienced ones will find extra insights and could help us and other participants with interesting stories and hints.

We hope to come out of this meetup having learned something from you as well.

Don’t miss the event: 17th February 2021 – 6,30PM.


Hold my Beer: Kubernetes loves Ansible – 13th January 2021 | 6,30 PM

A new Hold my Beer event: next January 13th, at 6.30 PM, we will talk about how to configure a Kubernetes cluster using Ansible.


Mario Vitale -A DevOps Engineer @ Flixbus who loves playing music, fitness, videogames and open source. He will be the main speaker of the event.

Carlo Ventrella, SRE Engineer @ AgileLab will support Mario during the talk.

You: for a fruitful discussion, everyone can take part. The more, the merrier! 

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Hold my Beer: Kafka – 10th December 2020 | 7 PM

We are excited to launch our first Hold my Beer: next December 10th, at 7 PM, we will explore 
Kafka world drinking a beer together.

We are all swamped with online webinars, so we have planned something different, more relaxed,
where everyone can participate and liven up the discussion.

Are you proud of a problem solved using Kafka and want to share it with us (maybe letting the code talk)? Are you looking for advice? Have you got questions or just curiosities? Do you just want to get an idea of what Kafka is? This is the event for you!

P.S. We recommend you to to pick also a good beer (we promise that when we will be able to set up a live event, we will also bring beers for everyone!).

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AWS DataLake & Apache Flink – 7 luglio 2020, ore 19

Nuovo evento organizzato dalla community Big Data Torino (molto probabilmente sarà nuovamente online, ma seguiranno informazioni più precise nelle prossime settimane).

Come sempre ospitiamo due talk:

1) AWS Datalake – S3, Athena e QuickSight by Walter Dal Mut, Co-founder @ Corley
In questo talk vedremo come costruire un datalake in modalità “serverless” utilizzando i servizi managed di Amazon Web Services. Concluderemo con un’overview rapida di QuickSight per la rappresentazione dei nostri dati.

2) Apache Flink – Stateful streaming done right, by Andrea Fonti, Big Data Engineer @ AgileLab
Sicuramente avrete avuto modo di utilizzare tecnologie big data per lo streaming come lo Structured Streaming offerto da Apache Spark, i microbatch non fanno per voi? Gestire lo stato vi crea grattacapi? Ritenete operazionalizzare i job spark troppo complesso?
Ecco perchè Apache Flink rappresenta una valida alternativa a Spark per l’implementazione di sistemi streaming.

In questo intervento verrà fatta una overview su:
– Architettura di Flink
– Modalità di deployment
– Gestione dello stato:
Prepopolamento tramite batch


An Introduction to Deep Generative Models for Computer Vision – Online Meetup – 11th June 2020 | 6.30PM

Our next meetup, planned on 11th June 2020, will cover two of the most famous and recent generative models, Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks, at an introductory level with the main mathematical insights. The theory behind the techniques and how they work will be presented, together with practical applications and the relative code.

The event will consist of two presentations and a final session for questions and technical time.

First Talk: Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) by Marco Odore, Riccardo Fino and Stefano Samele,  Data Scientists at Agile Lab, with a computer scientist, statistical and mathematical background respectively.

In this talk will be shown how to train a Variational Autoencoder on an image dataset and will be given a glimpse of its interpretation through visual arithmetics.

Second Talk: Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), by Luca Ruzzola, a deep learning researcher at boom.co, working on applied Deep Learning for photo enhancement.

In this talk we’re gonna go back through the development of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), the challenges in using them and the amazing results that they can produce, from an introductory perspective.

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Big data pipeline with k8s & Deep learning for NLP – On-Line Meetup, 28th April 2020 | 7pm

Are you interested in Big data pipeline with k8s & Deep learning for NLP?

If you want to discover more, don’t miss our next meetup, with two talk:

  • “How to run big data pipeline in production with k8s”
    In several big data projects we use k8s to guarantee reliability and to automatically manage application failures.
    In this talk we show you how we used k8s in conjunction with Cloudera to deliver our mission critical applications in big data production 24/7. Speaker: Matteo Bovetti + Carlo Ventrella, Site Reliability Engineers @ Agile Lab
  • “NLP e Deep Learning: dal Information retrieval a BERT”
    Quali sono le difficoltà intrinseche e le limitazioni nella gestione dell’informazione testuale. Storia delle tecnologie NLP dai sistemi di information retrieval a BERT, modello SOTA per la maggior parte dei task affrontati dal NLP moderna. Presentazione di un caso d’uso reale in ambito chatbot e implicazioni dell’utilizzo del Deep Learning in ambito NLP. Speaker: Gianpiero Sportelli, AI Developer @ CELI – Language Technology

We have moved on-line, but at the end, we’ll still have time to discuss, gather proposals and suggestions for the next meetups.

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Deep Learning On The Edge and Server Based: Intro, Differences and Use Cases – Meetup Milano – 18/06/2018

In this Agile Lab Meetup, the speaker lineup was as follows:

• Luca Ruzzola, Data Scientist at Agile Lab.
He will introduce us in the Deep Learning world, with a focusing on differences in hardware, software, and models between Deep Learning on the edge and server based.

• Vincenzo Manzoni, Data Science Director at Tenaris.
He will describe an server-based application, implemented by Tenaris, which exploits a very accurate image classification algorithm in the field of manufacturing.

• Daniele Cleri, Senior Software Solutions Architect at AAEON Technology.
His presentation will regard the implementation of a new interactive and Intelligent Retail System for the cosmetic industry, enhanced by the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.

For those who did not attend our meetup:

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Continuous delivery with Jenkins on DC/OS and IoT with Kubernetes and Big data – Meetup Torino – 15/03/2018

In this meetup, Agile Lab presented two talks:
“Continuous delivery with Jenkins on DC/OS”
The topic of the talk was an overview of continuous delivery/deployment techniques, describing how they can be useful to improve the release phase and presenting a small use case on how to build a simple pipeline using jenkins, docker and dc/os.
Speaker: Emanuele Maffeo
“IoT with Kubernetes and Big data”
The topic of the talk was the architecture of an application to process and serve data from IoT devices.
We talked about how to integrate Kubernetes, CI with Gitlab, EFK, Nifi, Cloudera (Hadoop, Kafka, HBase) and much more to create an environment that allows you to integrate the world of Big Data with Cloud and that of services with Kubernetes.
Speaker: Mattia Bertorello

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