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Manage Data at the Speed of Business.

Agile Lab is proud to introduce witboost, the new, revolutionary data and metadata management ecosystem.

This modular, scalable, efficient platform is born from Agile Lab’s direct experience in data-intensive and data-critical fields, like banking and insurance, energy and smart grids, smart cities, and manufacturing.

The single modules are building blocks that can work as standalone solutions to address a specific need, or they can be combined to create the perfect Data Management solution for each company.


They are divided into two families:

DATA ENGINEERING boost, to improve the overall Data Engineering experience and speed up both implementation and processes;

METADATA boost, dedicated to Data Stewardship, the creation and management of Metadata.

Both families offer, of course, complete interoperability and all functions can be combined to create a truly bespoke solution.

Based on Open Source technologies, witboost guarantees the fastest possible implementation, resulting in a dramatically shorter Time To Market and Time To Value, while posing the lowest possible risk of lock-in for the Client.


Moreover, witboost offers native capabilities to integrate with current corporate IT systems, thus guaranteeing smooth data flows, the highest system uptime and the lowest TCO for every company.

It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and offers real-time, near real-time or batch data streams and analytics capabilities, to best adapt to each different scenario.

witboost is natively compatible with, among other

  • AWS
  • Cloudera and Hadoop
  • Confluent and Kafka
  • Databricks and Apache Spark
  • Datastax and Apache Cassandra
  • Google Cloud
  • GridGain and Apache Ignite
  • IBM Infosphere
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Qlik DI
  • Red Hat Debezium
  • Red Hat Openshift
  • TCVision

For more information about witboost, please visit: https://www.agilelab.it/witboost/

Here you can find a detailed description of the functionalities of each module:


DATA STREAMS (formerly Wasp) – https://www.agilelab.it/witboost-data-engineering-boost-data-streams/

DATA QUALITYhttps://www.agilelab.it/witboost-data-engineering-boost-data-quality/

SCHEMA REGISTRYhttps://www.agilelab.it/witboost-data-engineering-boost-schema-registry/

DATA CAPTUREhttps://www.agilelab.it/witboost-data-engineering-boost-data-capture/



INTELLIGENT METADATAhttps://www.agilelab.it/witboost-metadata-boost-intelligent-metadata/

PRIVACY COMPLIANCEhttps://www.agilelab.it/witboost-metadata-boost-privacy-compliance/


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